How To: Make a freeze frame in Sony Vegas

Make a freeze frame in Sony Vegas

How to Make Anything demonstrates how to make a freeze frame in Sony Vegas. You can go to the preview window and click on save snapshot to file. The program will then create a jpeg which you can lay into your video to create a freeze frame. You can also use Vegas' velocity envelopes to create a freeze frame. First, zoom into your video in the timeline so that you see each individual frame. Make sure that quantize to frames is toggled in the options menu. Then, hit S to split the video. Right click on the new clip and choose insert or remove envelope from the options. Then, choose velocity. The velocity envelope allows you to speed up or slow down your clip. Right click on the keyframe and select set to. Choose 0% and hit enter. A still frame will now be created. Stretch the clip out to however long you'd like the still frame to play.

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How do I stop the Audio with velocity, I can't add any velocities into the audio.

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