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Forum Thread: Color Pulse in Black and White

I have a video that has color, but I made the video black and white inside Sony Vegas. I have a song in the video and there's a part where I want the color to ripple color of the video from the center outwards and once it hits the edges of the screen the center starts going back to black and white. Help please.

Forum Thread: Multiple Photos in Same Frame for Slideshow

Hi. I've figured out how to remove the black borders on a single photo. However, I'm working on a slideshow which has 2 still photos on the same frame. When I do 2 photos, I can't figure out how to remove the black borders, which means both photos are centered/overlapped in the middle and there's an excess of black border on both sides. Can someone help me figure out how to put the photos side by side and take up as much room of the frame as possible? It's urgent - it's for our wedding next w...

Forum Thread: Text Animations Reset When Program Closes!

I'm making a Who Wants to be a Millionaire series on my YouTube channel and the contestant is using the Phone a Friend lifeline. For the clock, I make some text with an "animation" (First keyframe says 30 then the keyframe one second later says 29 and so on and so forth) that counts down from 30. The problem is that when I restart the program, all that animation is erased and all that's there is 30. Is there any way I can set Sony Vegas to not reset my animations when I close it?

Forum Thread: How to Insert/Remove Envelope - Volume

I have a new installation of Vegas Movie Studio 10 on a new PC. On my old PC I have Movie Studio 9 and do not have this problem. What is the problem? "Insert/Remove envelope - Volume" blue line does not appear, so I cannot use that function. I know how to use it, but the line simply doesn't appear, despite the function being enabled with a tick. Any clues? Peter C

Forum Thread: Weird Audio Track Related Question, Noise Reduction

so here's the situation, I captured a livestream where I was supplying commentary over video game footage - but in putting the thing together I found my audio was too quiet (or the game footage was too loud, whichever way you want to look at it) - I'm looking for the audio equivalent of chroma-keying, as I have the pure videogame audio from a second recording done simultaneously, hopefully keeping my actual voice recording intact, that way I can replace the game audio with the quieter more pu...

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