How To: Make your videos look like a Hollywood film

Make your videos look like a Hollywood film

Make your video look like a Hollywood film in 3 simple steps

Everybody wants to shoot a video which a quality like a Hollywood film, here is a video which will solve your problem in three easy steps.First off all you have to go to "Project Video Properties" button and select HDV 720-25p (or you can use 25fps like in Hollywood),now to move on click on 'Event Pan/crop'button on the video you have selected.Now to to give it a cinematic aspect hold the CNTRL button and drag the transform point down. Finally to adjust the color of the video click on the 'VideoFX' tab and select the 'Color Corrector'option and drag the 'Red Midtones' into your video and adjust the sliders as you like it. Now your video will look nothing less than a Hollywood Movie.

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1 Comment

Thanks mann, that was really helpful and it works.

I also believe you need decent quality source video, cause otherwise
u can only polish a turd so much".


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